Before we start you will be supplied with a full program of works detailing which areas will be most affected and the likely duration. As with all building works there is likely to be some disruption to your daily life so it is advised at this stage as to whether the disruption is manageable and if provisions are required for alternative accommodation during the build.

Here at Bluelime we understand that home renovations are a big step and anticipate the disruptions to your daily routine can be difficult; please be assured we are here and only a phone call away to ease the transition for you.

Our project manager will visit at regular intervals during the week, acquiring updates from our build team and to relay accurate progress reports detailing all aspects of the build and any variations to the initial plan. Throughout the building process the designer and project manager will conduct a thorough assessment of all works.

All projects are run to the JCT contract which is the British Standard Building Contract, this allows all projects to be started without requiring an initial deposit.

Payments are made on an interim basis; Based on evaluation for works that have been completed , all evaluations are sent with the fortnightly invoices, so you have total peace of mind that you are only paying for completed works.




  • Preparation of production information in sufficient detail to enable a tender or tenders to be obtained.

Application for statutory approvals

  • Preparation of further information for construction required under the building contract.



  • Preparation of production information in sufficient detail to enable a fair and accurate tender is achieved.


  • Identification and evaluation from a selected list of potential contractors and/or specialists for the project; submission of recommendations to the client.
  • Production of priced specification if building work is to be done ‘in house’
  • Overseeing and evaluations throughout the life time of the contract.